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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You know This Is Wrong

 We know that the treatment of athletes might be preferential, but the difference between someone who can score points and the average kid was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt this week.

  The Supreme Court has refused a request to hear a case involving a cheerleader who sued her school after she was kicked off of the team. To be excluded from an event would be understandable, if the reason was anything other than her refusing to cheer for her accused rapist.

  The anonymous girl accused a student of raping her at a party. (According to the affidavit, the victim was attacked by 3 jocks who held her down whilst the ball player raped her) The male student confessed and later plead guilty to a misdemeanour to avoid a severe penalty. Amazingly, the boy was not only permitted to return to the school after being arrested, but given back his athletics spot. Naturally, his victim didn't feel like she should cheer for her assailant. She cheered for the team and the other members and did the group events, but didn't feel she should be required to jump around in support of a bastard.

  While you and I may be inclined to show some empathy toward a teen and understanding towards the fact that she recently suffered the worse experience of her life, her Texas school wasn't feeling it. She was booted off of the team for refusing to applaud a jerkoff who should have been expelled anyways.

  So, like most people, she sued the school. According to her suit, the school violated her right to free speech and caused her distress. Amazingly, 2 courts agreed with the school, saying that she didn't have the right to refuse. The appeals court upheld the verdict and this crime victim must pay the school $45, 000 in legal fees plus court costs for wasting the court's time by filing what they deemed a "frivolous" lawsuit..

  Am I the only one who is absolutely on fire about this?! This girl's First Amendment rights have completely been violated- if people like this are allowed to scream "God hates fags" at the funerals of crime victims, Anonymous should be allowed to rest her paws when Joey Dingleshit is firing a free throw. The school says that the girl's refusal was bad for the image of the school- wouldn't having a sex offender on your club be infinitely worse for your reputation?

  Some things I'll never get. In my opinion, the true sign of societal degradation is elitism. When one individual's state of being is considered more worthy than that of another. In this instance, a male athlete was allowed to take a walk for violently attacking a female cheerleader. In our rebound from the 60's, some kids are becoming spoiled, sexist shits. In this horrendous example, the lessons learned are that boys are more valid human beings than girls and that a boy can get away with anything so long as he can dunk.

  I've heard a lot of people making Texas jokes about this incident, but it's not isolated to any particular state, or even to any nation. From Fresno to Fallujah, women and girls are targets of, are less than boys and men. In the international caste system, rich people are more important than poor people and even local fame is everything.

  There are people today fighting and even dying to try to remove their elitist, kleptocratic rulers and the system of privilege. Us in the West are supposed to be an example of equality and hope to others, yet this case and others like it are examples of the regression of our society. We in the West criticize Iranian gender and class policies yet we have bought into them in our lands that are supposed to be glorious and free. Our society is shocked when a rape victim in Saudi Arabia is jailed, but we're expected to accept the grotesque fining of a child rape victim in the U.S.A.

Think about that the next time you cheer for someone with poor character, or even fantastic off-court attributes. Think about your right to root for or jeer against and think about a high school rape victim denied that right because of an unfair system that has victimized her and others like her again and again. Honour your right to have an opinion, for if your right to voice is as fragile as that of Anonymous, we're all at risk

Be well.


  1. It's pretty clear that you have no idea what you're talking about.

    So stop.

    For someone so strongly anti-conservative, this is dangerously close to think-of-the-children style ignorant kneejerk logic. You're not a lawyer, you don't understand the legal principles in play, just drop it.

  2. OMFG this is terrible, and to the Anonymous person who left a comment, seems black and white 2 me, girl gets raped, guy get off cause he is a jock, see it all the time. Also if ur going 2 leave a comment put ur name to it. The problem with ur country is u have lost touch with human compassion and have replaced it with fighting for rights and equal play.
    Ggood work Roof, you take all the bullshit out of the hypoc"ass"sy and get to what is real...


  3. Well, Anonymous, out of the woodwork you come.

    To begin with, I'm not staunchly anti-conservative. Nor am I anti-liberal. I am, however, anti-stupid.

    If the individual arrested were a teacher or any other kind of student, he'd be suspended or expelled, essentially preventing the case in question. The cheer that the girl was to perform was obscene given the circumstances.

    Also, the school stated that the girl's refusal 'spoke for the school' because as a cheerleader, she's expected to speak for the school, and not herself. But how about the now young man? Wouldn't seemingly condoning his actions be a far worse message to send?

    The school showed an absolute disregard for the feelings of a crime victim because her alleged attacker was a basketball player. While her lawyer may have dropped the ball, the suit was far from frivolous.

  4. HEY! Listen here Mika! I live in Texas and I don't want to know how FUCKED up this state is. How dare u inform me. Karma will get u!


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