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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stinko De Mayo

This is a photo taken outside Pink Taco in LA today. This is not a robot donkey- it's real, spray-painted, and chained to a wall for Cinco de Drinko morons to terrorize.

  Apparently, the manager of the joint thought that this was a dandy way to celebrate, but it doesn't seem like a party for the poor ass stuck on a 1 meter leash in one of America's largest and most polluted  cities. Additionally, this little equine dudette is dyed everywhere, right up to the eyeballs. I don't know about you, but I grew up in the sticks- there is absolutely no way  you are going to be able to spray-bomb any live animal without causing some major trauma.

  I am not a big, raging PETA freak, and even I would raise unholy shit if I worked at Pink Taco. Is there not one person with enough of a brain to tell off the fuckwit who hatched this asinine plan?

  Pink Taco's motto is "make tacos, not war", but I believe that this disgusting stunt may have started a battle that the restaurant will rightfully lose. If a person can be judged by the way they treat the innocent, the manager of Pink Taco LA must be considered to be a cruel, selfish jerk.

  I hope that all of the inhumane twits involved in this example of speciesist evil are arrested for animal cruelty and the donkey spends the rest of her days grazing unmolested on a field in Northern Cali.

  Live animals aren't pinatas. If you live in LA, put your money where your mind is and take your business elsewhere.


  1. I'm with you.... I'm not onboard with PETA nor am I a vegetarian even, but I do believe in animals being treated, at the very least, humanely. Nothing about this is humane. If I were Pink Taco, I wouldn't want my business associated with this type of cruelty.

  2. Is this the Pink Taco in Century City? I'm driving past that joint this afternoon. How disgusting. If my car-full-of-kids don't make too much of a fuss. I think I'll detour and talk to the manager.

  3. What the business that bad...Probably be worse now. Not cool nor funny pink taco.


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