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Monday, May 16, 2011

Seeing Is Believing

  Stephen Hawking has received a ton of hatred from North American religious fundamentalists after confessing that he is very much an atheist. This revelation came as no surprise to me, and I too believe that we should enjoy our Earthly lives and stop living like we're petrified of some supernatural tyrant. In my view, we should do nice things because they make us feel good and we enjoy sharing with others, instead of buying tickets into a space castle and calling it charity. But I suppose, some people have other ideas.

This is just a small sampling of the things said to Mr. Hawking today on his page by the good Christians on Facebook.

*Warning* - some of these are very graphic and unmistakably cruel


I am so sorry for you Stephen Hawking! At least I don't need science to be there where I'm going when I die! The earth, cosmos and every living thing did not originate out of thin air with one atom and even you the genious can't see that it... takes a genious to achieve simplicity (quote Bob Seger). Unfortunately, you don't have that quality of genious! We are not computers, we are human and our brains are 100's of times more complicated than a computer. Of course being the intellect that you are, go ahead and quantum leap anywhere you want but you'll never achieve the leap to Heaven like me and others who are not just believers, but testifiers of a truth that your science will never begin to understand.

Well Stephen Hawking, even if you could prove there was no Heaven, I would think you were just failing a test From God himself. Im sad with all God has given you, that you dont know who to thank. Its not a matter of belief. God WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE.

" If you chose not to believe in God, oh YOU WILL REGRET IT WHEN YOU ARE DEAD!!! "

This dear person Stephen Hawking is in pain the kind only GOD can take I send up this Prayer please comfort my friend Stephen.And in your own unique way let him know you are there.Me and facebook will do our part too by Parying showing him that GOD care's. Stephen I like you and I think you are a very smart man may GOD Bless you your Pow for life O-dee

i hope someone pushes you down a staircase

You suck Balls!

Dear Mr Hawking: You can continue to talk through your little computer and sound like a robot. Enjoy the rest of your life, talking crap while everyone feels sorry for you. I'll only feel sorry for you when you find out there IS an afterlife....a good one and a bad one. And since you don't believe in either, have fun in the bad one :)

- Am I the only one who if I saw him would try to take the batteries out of that speaking thing?

- Cmon you that you would wanna do something.Not like he could try and stop you unless he tries running you over with it.

- While he's sleeping slash his tires...then remove the batteries. Is that better?

- Yes, but why stop there? Let's re-wire his controls so once the wheels are fixed and he tries to drive it it runs into a wall

Mr. Hawking I don't know if you even view this page, But I am here to tell you there is a God! And no matter how smart you think you are there is one that holds the key to Death and Hell. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords he is Jesus Christ. He is real! Act 2:38..If you would have Faith and Believe with me he can Heal you. He can make you whole. Sometimes he is waiting on us to make the first step. Some never will come to know Christ because they have so much hate lives. You can come to know him by - Repenting of your sins . Ask God to forgive you of your sins everyday. Even if we think we havn't done anything wrong. Be baptisted in the name of Jesus Christ . And he will give you the gift of the others the holy spirit. The evidence is that you will speak in other tongues . Don't be afraid let it happen. That is God dwelling inside of you. You telling others there is no God you will have to answer to God for the lost souls you help send to Hell

Now, I understand that the opinion of an old man is a huge threat to the existence of Christianity, since everyone must be saved prior to the May 21st rapture, but doesn't this strike you as somewhat wrong? I know they're not breaking Biblical law by telling a non-believer he's going to Hell, but morally wrong. Is there nothing worse than condemning a man to eternal fire and then ridiculing his disabilities?

I also saw a few posts where dingleshits stated that if he prayed to Jesus, his ailments would miraculously vanish. Since Mr. Hawking has suffered from motor neuron disease for several decades, there's a good chance that at some point in time he did indeed pray for it to go away. Think about this for a second- what god would decide to create a man of such genius and then arbitrarily sentence him to a slowly degrading body whilst being fully conscious of the fact? The answer is none.

People pray all of the time for themselves, their sick parents, and strangers to survive dreadful diseases to no avail. And then they pay a trained scientist to provide the healing because in the back of everyone's mind they know that stone-age superstition has zero on modern medicine.

It doesn't surprise me that Dr. Hawking doesn't believe that goblins talk to him and that the religious are making their stand against the mute who will never be silenced. What does disgust me are the number of people who not only believe that they know more about how the universe operates than numerous Nobel prize winners, but will engage in absolute displays of cruelty in order to state their view.

As I was walking through a forest with my dog today, I could see how magnificent it was, complete with trees that pre-dated man's arrival and a river clear as water from a faucet. It's exquisiteness was truly breathtaking, and I could admire it's spectacle quite well without believing their were fairies above it or demons beneath.

All Stephen Hawking has ever tried to do is show people the beauty of the universe, and for that he was and will continue to be treated with utter ugliness by ignorant people petrified that he may just be right.




  1. I think this reaction says a lot more about Christians than Professor Hawking. Science makes our society strong enough for religion to parasitise on us and we still thrive. That's an accomplishment!

  2. Gee...
    Aside from the few comical jabs, there was nothing but exaltation and good vibes there!

    Unless giving fair warning, reminders and praying that another changes his point of view is "bad" in your biased perception of things...

    You atheists are nothing but big babies!

  3. Yet more evidence that religion makes some people behave like arrogant, entitled brats who whine and spew white noise when anyone disagrees with them.

    I'm inclined to agree with Hawking but at least he has knowledge on his side and not wishful thinking.

  4. Religious people acting like hypocritical dicks? NOOO WAYYY!


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