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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hypocritical Oath

   As I have told many of you, I live in the town that time forgot. One of the victims of the system is a 71 year young former mill worker named simone. Granno Simone was a fairly fit lady, and remains a tough example of Franco ingenuity. But she is dying, and probably will perish due to lack of correct medical care.

  In our small town reside old guard physicians and young bucks, and Simone didn't wind up with the best of the tribe. Misdiagnosed and overprescribed, her lungs filled with fluid, straining her bullish ticker. The docs just pass her along, hoping for her demise while her family hopes for a cure to a disease brought on by a physician's neglect.This is a beautiful matriarch who will die because an arrogant doctor even refuses so much as a prescription for an oxygen tank, lest its presence admit his wrongs.

  But the harshest of all things, all misdeeds committed against a nearly angelic soul is the callous manner in which the oaths of profession have been so grotesquely violated and continue to be on Vancouver Island. You see, my grandmother was also killed by faulty medical care. She was strong and vibrant and given drugs for a non-existant COPD. And those drugs killed her, just as they are eroding Simone Gallant's heart.

  What my ultimate wish is for every woman to be given proper medical care on the west coast of Canada; for every old lady mechanic and every former maid and every amazing mother to be given the same treatment as a man under the same circumstances. There is so much attention given to breast cancer and the like, but horrifyingly little paid to cardiac conditions and even simple symptoms of aging in women.

  But I could be wrong. Maybe there are doctors in Canada and abroad who can see that 71 is very young in our day and age; they can ssee the magnificent qualities that the old-but-able still possess. Maybe Granno Simone is just in the wrong part of Canada, and if she is, if you know someone who can try to fix the ticker that was clocked by an incompetent and uncaring fool, this would be your time to speak up.

  Granno Simone was told on a routine ECG that she'd suffered a heart attack. She wasn't given an extensive consultation nor hospitalization. She was told to go home and only call 911 if she dropped dead.

  So much for Hippocratic. I'd call that an appalling example of the hypocritcal oath.


  1. I can only direct you to someone stateside.

  2. Money isn't the obect, lack of access is in this particular case.


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