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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just for fun: The Osama bin Meme Edition

  The demise of terror financier Usama bin Laden has brought forth all kinds of whackadoodle ideas from the political fringes. With the new "deathers" demanding to see proof that their Commie scapegoat Barack actually coordinated Usama's assassination, this topic of discussion won't be buried at sea any time soon.

  However, the rise of the tinhats coincides the rise of the Usama bin Meme. A quick look at Reddit or 4chan will result in the discovery of silly images related to the debrained despot. I'll admit that while the first few have brought chuckles, these are starting to get really boring, and quick.

 But it is the discovery that Google Earth has images of the bin Compound that I think will be the hottest (and funniest) meme to come out of this. You see, there's just something about the addition of reality that can add a tinge of humour to events such as these.

  With hundreds of comments ranging from the usual to the downright hilarious, this is definitely worth a look-see. Wander over HERE to read the commentary of the the meme that will be the next Three Wolf Moon.

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