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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bryan Fischer Related Post Of The Week

  I'm sure I give this guy more time than I should logically, but sometimes one just needs to think of the kind of person that could cause serious suffering in the English-speaking world.

  I could write volumes about the appalling attributes of  American Family Association Director Bryan Fischer; I could do a post a day and have material for years. I'd also bore the shit out of you and lose a few of you. Most of you have heard from me about his justification of the genocide of North American Indians and just how far GOP hopefulls will go to impress the socially acceptable hate machine.

 There are several high-profile celebrity Christians now, and a few want to impress this bigoted base that has gone from once being microscopic to being a force. Our parents used to fight against this and some are even becoming it. And the virus spreads. On Friday, Bryan Fischer decided to revisit a favourite topic- Muslims. He has said before that Muslims should be deported, not allowed to enlist in the military if American, and more.

And this is what he said about 1 in 10 American and Canadian doctors and 1 in 8 of our engineers (Cornell Univ. Study). This is what he said about Ali al-Tabari and Malcolm X to be sure, but also your neighbour, coworker, or podiatrist. He claims to have facts and doesn't back them up with solid data and uses his imaginary statistics to spread filth to scared people.

In my opinion, this is hate speech. Bryan Fischer has the right to think and say (or say without thinking) whatever he pleases, so long as he doesn't advocate genocide (again). However, I have the right to say that I think he's wrong. Both intellectually and morally, this guy whose ass the GOP is trying to kiss is wrong.

Bonus coverage from Friday, where Bryan Fischer discusses "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with 2 other homophobes. Some of the worst jihadists are men who wear crosses.

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