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Saturday, May 14, 2011

WTBlue F*ck Of The Weak

 Two years ago, I wrote a post about children in the beauty pageant world and how the pressures put on young girls was destroying their youth. Justifiably, many who read it were freaked out and wondered just how slippery the slope would get, simply wondering the level to which pageant parents will go in erasing their kids' childhoods in search of a victory. Unfortunately, we have an answer.
 If you have a conscience as a parent, you'll find this video difficult to watch, but you should view it, particularly if you have a little princess.

  It's pretty clear that this wee girl has been psychologically abused and was long before the administering of neuroparalytic injections. Near the end of the video, when asked about how she feels about being Botoxed, an 8 year old says several words like pretty, which you know she didn't come up with organically. Those are the words her mother uses during and after injecting her daughter with the most acutely toxic anything on the planet. In an interview with a British news agency, Kerry Campbell tells an interviewer that she subjects her child to monthly waxing sessions to remove that fuzzy leg hair all little kids have and to prevent wee Britney from growing pubic hair in the future.

  The mum claims Botox is safe, you know because she's a part-time aesthetician and all, but there are risks that every medical procedure carries. Plus, it's Botulinum TOXIN, one of the most feared substances to ever exist in our world; something so dreadful that dumping a shot glass of it into Lake Ontario would kill everything in it. What's more- you can indeed die from too much Botox- even clinicians preparing the product have died from accidentally inhaling the stuff. The most terrifying aspect of the production of a cosmetic that works by causing paralysis is that there is now more than enough of it to kill everyone who has ever existed. How does mum obtain and test it? Well, in another interview she admitted that she buys it online and injects herself a few times to be sure.

  If you're vain and idiotic enough to inject something into your body that can potentially travel and cause you to be hospitalized with respiratory failure, let alone do it without a physician present, have at it. It will be one less dingbat on the planet. But if you inject a child with an insecurity so severe that it can only be cured by administering something that can kill her, you should never be permitted anywhere near a minor child.

  While it's my hope that child pageants, with all of their mental abuse and latent paedophilia, will come to an end, it won't be soon enough. If this mother is right and all of the kids are being botoxed, test them for the toxin like you would an athlete for steroids and arrest the parents of every kid who tests positive. If you think the idea of testing kids is invasive, would you find it so if the 20 other 8 year olds competing for a spot on your son's hockey team were being shot up with roids by their dads?

  Cosmetically altering kids is child abuse. From Botox to laser hair removal to breast implants, girls are being turned into objects by a society based on image and commerce and so-called parents who are all too happy to buy the lies.

  Children are not property to be used to engage in a sport of one-upmanship against your neighbours; they are future adults who will reflect on their memories of childhoods that were far too short. It will be these future adults who decide whether you attend weddings or births and just which nursing home you spend your final days in. If you're a parent like the potzevateh above, karma will not only bite you in the ass but leave you sitting in your own excrement for hours. And you'll deserve it.

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