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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ridiculous Website of the Day

   I didn't create this graphic- it's from a real website and the group is very real. The new-and-revamped Jews for Palin are dedicated to spreading the message that Americans and those abroad should consider Sarah Palin to be some kind of cult heroine to Jews simply because she likes the idea of Israel being able to expand wherever it pleases. According to their website, they also love her concept of "Drill, baby. Drill." and have left open the sections titled Fiscal Responsibility and Family Values, presumably because she has no concept of either.

   I know many, many Jewish people, many of whom are American and/or Israeli, and - you know what- none of them like Sarah Palin. For the most part, their collective disdain for Alaska's most famous court jester preceded her misappropriation of the term blood libel. Sarah Palin is an evangelical Christian, who has long enjoyed the company of a bizarre Apostolic network that is more than a tad anti-Semitic. Wise Jews know that Sarah is a proponent of Christian Zionism, the idea that Jews should all move to Israel, hand over their supposed control over the world to the Christians, and repent for their sin of non-belief in the Christ. It will be then that the Messiah will appear, etcetera, etcetera.

 This group of self-professed leaders seems to be using Sarah as the billboard for their hatred of Barack Obama, figuring her face will add credibility to their reposts of Breitbart and Korn rants. Their love of Sarah The Anti-Obama is so great that yesterday they posted a piece that compared the reality-TV millionaire to Queen Esther. Yes, as in the Biblical one. I for one don't see the similarity between a woman who chickened-out on her elected position in order to become rich to a heroine who risked her life to save thousands from genocide. If I'm wrong here, feel free to fill me in, because I find that analogy offensive to common sense.

  Binyamin Korn is allowed to blog about whatever he wishes, just as you are and I am. But, gentle readers, don't confuse the opinions of Jews for Sarah as representative of Jews With Brains. There are plenty of folks who don't like Obama's dealings with Israel and would never consider supporting any Christian dominionist, let alone one who couldn't handle having a real job.

  By blindly supporting Sarah Palin's public speaking career, Ben Korn and Pam Geller are promoting literal stupidity. It's not enough that Sarah Palin supports Israel, one must delve into the why before donating vast sums. Sarah Palin is no more a true friend of Israel than Jews for Jesus, which Sarah also has the blessing of. Sarah worships at an assembly that preaches a Christian takeover of 7 cultural facets of America, and Israeli settlement expansion is only supported because that's where all the Jews that aren't for Jesus are expected to go until the End Times, whence they will be converted anyways.

  I dare say that any Jew who would lend material support to someone with these beliefs is a traitor; someone who doesn't mind the idea of forced religious conversion in exchange for the support of the greatest insult to hockey moms in existence. At the very least, I'd say that anyone who calls him or herself a Jew for Sarah Palin is an uninformed, self-loathing idiot.

In this video, 7 Mountains proponent Thomas Muthee asserts that Christians must take back business and finance from the Jews, among other terrifying things that this faction believes. It takes place at Sarah Palin's church and includes her being anointed by the preacher.

Jews for Sarah, this is what you are endorsing.

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