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Friday, May 27, 2011

Great New Product

After a little fanfare and a whole lot of legal wrangling over the estimated $145 million invested into this venture, the Candwich has arrived. Yes, stoners and Tyler, a real BP&J hoagie in a can. While canned-food enthusiasts may wish to wait for the exciting (!) meaty options to come out, you can sink your teeth into a standby that isn't really any more expensive than one at 7-11. Plus, it comes in a can, which can be easily recycled and/or used as a missile to chuck at the drunk guy who keeps trying to mess around with the campfire.

I don't know if a sandwich in a can appeals to you, but it does to me, since I'm in an earthquake/tsunami zone and I bet these things float. Plus, everyone loves peanut butter- even my mum who's allergic to peanuts- and canned anything is always intriguing, so it should be a fast sell.

At $3 each, Mark One Foods should easily be able to recover the investment. Either that, or my blood sugar's really low right now. In any event, wander over to for a laugh or to score your very own fleet of carbohydrate missiles.

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  1. If I EVER feed one of these to my kids - you have my permission to kick my a$@ :)


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