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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Comics Who Are At Least As Unfunny As Tracy Morgan

  There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Tracy Morgan's recent show that left not only gay groups but women's organizations calling for his head. What I think happened to Tracy Morgan is what happens to a lot of so-called comics who make their living on-screen. He tried too hard. Mr. Morgan figured he'd play to all the hillbillies in Tennessee and went for the gusto.

While only Tracy knows whether or not he is a homophobe and misogynist for sure, (I'm leaning to the side of him being an atomic douche canoe) his rant caught the attention of a high-paying crowd, which included a lot of shocked and disgusted people. Most of all, Tracy Morgan's supposed comedy performance was one of the least funny shows in recent history, one that ensures he won't likely hit a big stage anytime soon.

Naturally, I do remember some comedians and performances that absolutely stunk. A few offended the crowd, but most left the crowd wondering why they paid so much for something so terrible.

Without further ado, I bring you the first installment in  Comics Who Are At Least As Unfunny As Tracy Morgan.


This clip is typical Sinbad. Amazingly, it has to be after 1999, yet his attire is from around 1989. Fans of this dude always say people shit on him because he does shows without cussing, but in reality, we don't jive with him because his so-called jokes are the least funny ones ever. One of the funniest shows I've ever seen was done by Bill Cosby in the early 80's, and I laughed my face off without hearing one cuss word.

Sinbad, you ain't Bill.

Louie Anderson

Most of the shows this guy does are casino or charity gigs or seminars on how to be a successful comic. There are people who laugh at this dude, and I really don't get why. I watched some gigs from the 80's where he went into drawn-out stories about borrowing dad's car and being so hard done by because pop liked hanging around with him. Now that he's old, he complains in his signature sleep-inspiring style about having to wear glasses. Fat guys are supposed to be funny, but he just whines about shit that really isn't all that bad.
For this one, we're going back to 1987.

Robin Williams

Where do I start? Well, he has been accused many, many, many times of stealing material from random little fish, but that's not just it. There's just something grating about his performances, and I can't put my finger on it. It could be his attempts at ethnic humour that use 50 year old stereotypes, or sports jokes that put his actual lack of sports knowledge whatsoever on full display, or the fact that he tries too hard to be emotive.

He was funnier than this when he was a drunk, and that's sad.

Here's a 2002 performance where he rips on the home of the inventors of the MRI, refrigerator, and typhoid vaccine, which would be fine, except for the fact that it isn't funny. At all.

Christopher Titus

Lots of dudes have done pieces about getting their asses kicked as kids- so much so that I (mostly) avoid the topic. Chris Titus also does jokes about domestic violence, but they're not comedic performances. More like cries for help. Amazingly, the cat had a sitcom for a sneeze and a fart that was marginally less grating as his stand-up. Very marginally.

I'll just let you be the judge of how awful Titus is.

Jay Leno

This guy can't even find people to write good jokes for him. His stage shows are too modern for really for old farts and he's out of touch with anyone under 40. We get to experience his monologues nightly, and they're becoming increasingly crapulent. The biggest clue is that he has to repeat the last few words of 4 or 5 quips a night because the audience is so silent. Then he quickly glances at his watch or a random object and goes on to the next bomb.

This is one of the few things that can be viewed in my region, but most of you can Hulu all Jay's monologues if you ever need to feel like you're the funniest person ever.

I hope you enjoyed this winding tale of one comic who had an hour of unfunny to the ones of 5 guys who have made unfunny a living.

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