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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dumb Jock Of The Week

  There are things that are funny and those that are not. Usually the unfunny dude thinks he's a laugh riot, and one of those guys is UFC fighter Rampage Jackson.

  Mr. Jackson thought it would be a great idea to go to Japan, pose as an English teacher, and con unsuspecting Japanese into saying embarrassing things for a humiliating gag. Naturally, the wanna-be Jackass recorded the finest nuggets for posterity.

  Warning: This video has been banned under Youtube's policy against hate videos and contains numerous anti-gay slurs, and features a lengthy segment in which he goads a driver into saying a slew of inappropriate things.


  Now, I suspect that the UFC won't reprimand Jackson. This is the sports league that used one Michael Bisping calling another fighter a "faggot motherfucker" in a promo video. We can't exactly see the UFC making a big Athlete Ally video soon. I am sure Freud would say something about guys who sit on each other's faces for a living whilst making homosexual slurs, but that's another blog entirely.

  While I'm positive that GLAAD or another vocal gay group will jump all over this as an example of typical jock homophobia, I think there is a much more universal issue here, that being the insulting of another culture and shame brought to your own by engaging in such a selfish stunt. Americans are not exactly as revered globally as people like Quinton Jackson may think, and a professional athlete humiliating random members of an extremely proud nation is not only unamusing, but also a public relations disaster for the UFC as well as Americans as a whole.

  Rampage Jackson planned a cruel joke, recorded it, and posted it to the internet because he is a mean-spirited asshole who doesn't care about the feelings of other people or the international perception of his employer, nor his nation. If one of my employees stained the image of my company in this manner, I would fire and then sue him.

  Sometimes it is truly astounding as to just how much stupid can be trapped in one human body.

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