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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letting Go Of God Part 8

  As you know, I'm atheist. For me, this means that no gods or other supernatural critters presented before me have been worthy of my worship. I also believe in the scientific origins of humankind and all species prior and current.

But, I know some people DO indeed need to believe, and it absolutely astounds me as to how many sects of religions there are. Okay, we started off the Western bullshit with Judaism. We can all agree upon it. Judaism originated with male and female gods, got confusing, and then dudes started writing shit down. We got the Bible. And well over a billion people read whatever serves them daily. Thing is- Christianity and all it's 33, 000 sects of American Protestantism alone, as well as Islam and her 1000 derivations, came from this idea. And all I have to ask is why.

Why are we killing each other over fucking semantics when it is the same God? I mean, I don't personally believe in this god, but this is supreme and utter bullshit. Why does Islam have this prophet and the zillion sects of Christianity have their prophets and Judaism have the fleet of magnificent rabbis in the Talmud? It is the same thing. You read all the books and you come to the same conclusion:

Man created a God to suit his barbaric tastes. The Mosaic God and Moses were brutal fucks, Jesus is shown grinding people through a winepress, Mohammed was a brutal fuck. You should just say, "yo. I worship a merciless God that commands me to rape and murder". That's what's in all of the commands. And if you, at the end of the day, can see love out of that, you are the epitome of excellence or at the axiom of stupid.

I'd like to think that my friends who believe are at the smart end. They're the apologists, the ones who thank God without reading that Jesus commanded them to raise swords, the ones who are good people. You see, my friends who are believers are very good people, and that's why I don't understand the God they choose, you know, out of the thousands of others far more worthy of worship. I don't want my buddies to act like Jesus, for he told his men to kill anyone who refused to submit to his authority. See, that ain't peaceful, but my buddies who pray to him are.

The thing is- this Abrahamic God isn't at all worthy of the awesome people who pray to It and thankfully do not listen to the thousands of judgments, instead opting for compassion. Brought into a world with a brutal God, most of the planet's Muslims, Christians, and Jews have decided to not rape en masse, kill non-virgins (including their own rape victims), stone divorcees who marry again, bludgeon homosexuals, shun the blind, scald the leper, and enslave Africans. 99% of the people who profess to follow this god have gone against everything It stands for, and for that, I am more than glad. Could you imagine the world if people actually listened? I mean, yes, we have wingnuts; imagine if all of us listened. Now cry in joy that we haven't.

Belief is a tricky thing. Prayer is, in reality, positive meditation; a chitchat with your confident self. But worship is bigger. And these Gods require that my intelligent, hardworking pals submit, surrender, be humbled by, and give money they cannot afford to a God that they cannot see or touch, and has entirely awful historical record.

So to you, my intelligent believers- why not create a better Creator? One who actually is kind, industrious, creative, philanthropic, strong, hard-working, affirmative, and amazing. A God who is like all of you actually are, instead of a tyrannical beast who takes murderers to the promised land and refuses the decent. Create a God that is the best of humanity instead of the worst. See, that's a god I could dig.

We need to create a new Creator for the modern man, one that doesn't beat his kids, one that doesn't have 4 wives augmented by slaves whom he rapes. We need a kinder, gentler God to believe in. And I believe that god is who we are today. No weird space dudes; no fires from the sky- our God is now and is the best of humanity. It's not a fairy in the sky or a demon in the garden. The real, righteous god worth worship is within all us homo sapiens sapiens , if we choose to forgo brainwashing and embrace true neighbourship. See, if that was the definition of god, if god meant the awesomeness of how you can be, I'd dig that.

The problem is, too many of us have old gods. And like an abusive grandfather, they're hard to put into a home.


  1. So to you, my intelligent believers- why not create a better Creator?

    The truth is in no need of revision. It is the same today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. Man's inherent flaw is that when confronted with the truth, it deals a mortal blow to the ego so he repackages his ego claims it to be God revealed and perpetrates at rouse to satiate yet another generation. Learn what God is, Who Christ is an what his mission was and who you are. Then there will be no need to create new gods, The light of the one true God will illumine your life and you will see that the angry fist you are shaking, is at your own creation not God.

  2. The truth is that Christ commanded women to never speak, slaves to worship their masters, and disobedient children murdered.

    If you cannot say these things are cruel and in need of revision, than you shall become the monster to which you aspire.

  3. O.k. I agree on the most part, here is some more food for thought. The Jews, basically Hebrews , worship the old testament, Christians follow the new testament, now, being raised catholic presented a few questions, 1: in the ten commandments god says, " thou shalt worship the lord thy god, and ONLY the lord thy god" yet Christians follow Jesus, the purported son of god, therefore is Christianity a test of faith, ie: that its easier to follow Jesus than the old testament, but only the true believers WILL follow the old testament. 2: also in the commandments god says " thou shalt NOT worship gilded idols, what is every Christian church full of, especially the catholic and anglican varieties? Silver sconces, censors, gold and silver aplenty with a huge relief of a crucified Christ, once again, a test ?

  4. O.k. now those two questions are sorted, down to the nitty gritty, there are two schools of Christian thought, singular creation and multi creation, singular creationists believe in one Adam, one eve, let's look at that, god created Adam, ( in his own image, but well get to that later ) and from Adam, he created eve. Adam and eve had two sons, cane and Abel , cane killed Abel, then went to the land of nod and returned with a wife, hang on a minute says I, Adam + eve + cane equals 3 people, where does the wife come from? The whole thing stops right there. However let us assume for the moment that god created many Adams and many eves, the line continued through to Jesus Christ, and we are left with more questions, yet these are eminently more answerable, here goes. The Jews, ( remember them ?) Do not believe that Jesus is the son of god, ( they're off to a good start so far ) . We know that Jesus Christ existed, its documented historical fact. We know that one of his disciples started Christianity 20 years after the death of Christ, once again, documented fact, however the bible does not fill in the missing years of christs life. You need to look in the Buddhist histories for that. It has been documented that a Jewish prophet came from the east and spent many years training as a healer before returning ( that explains a few miracles ) taking Chinese medicinal practices back to iron age Israel would be like taking modern medicine to the lost tribes of outer wherethefuckarewe. So in essence, Christ was a prophet, so far , the score is old testament 3, Christians 0, more to come

  5. Magnificent post. I am sharing it with everyone at the moment.


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