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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sore Losers

  Conservative lobbyist and Holocaust "revisionist" Bryan Fischer is extremely upset with New York's decision to permit people he doesn't know, like our friends Richard and John, to become legally married. In a bold claim, he once again likens gays to Nazis and accuses the ominous gay army of committing hate crimes against New York Senator Ruben Diaz.

The Knight of the Long Knives continues as the homosexual lobby commits one hate crime after another.

The latest victim of homosexual bigots? New York state senator Ruben Diaz, D-Bronx, the only Democrat who voted against granting same-couples the “right” to marry in New York.

For taking a principled, religiously-rooted stand for the institution that undergirds all of human civilization, Diaz has become the latest in a long, sad string of victims of the true hatemongers in America, homosexuals activists. Their hate crime against him is motivated by prejudice against his religion, which teaches that God designed marriage exclusively as the union of one man and one woman. 

Chuck Colson is another whose eyes are wide open to the steaming hate billowing from the denizens of the homosexual lobby. "The gay-rights groups have shown their fangs. They want to silence, yes, destroy those who don't agree with their agenda." 

Homosexuals are rapidly cementing their position as the number one perpetrators of hate crimes in American today. Sen. Diaz is simply the latest prey of the hatemongering hunters on the left, who live in mortal fear that someone, somewhere, actually believes what God says about marriage and human sexuality. And the list will grow longer before it grows shorter.
  This is a completely ridiculous tirade that the AFA Director is on, simply because the members of the New York senate finally decided that there should indeed be a separation of church and state, as affirmed many times in the U.S. Supreme Court on all kinds of decisions. He is absolutely angry that democracy occurred because the outcome does not fit in with his Biblical visions. In essence, he is displaying his firm belief that one religion and its antiquated scriptures should be held superior over the will of New York's citizens and the candidates they selected for office. 
  Also disturbing is the "Knight Of The Long Knives" reference. Any historian worth his or her salt would know that the actual Night Of The Long Knives was a 1934 massacre of gay Germans conducted by Lutheran Christians in the name of their deity. Mr. Fischer's misappropriation of this event and other Holocaust imagery is a staple in his repertoire, as he uses absurd ideas poached from The Pink Swastika to demonize both gays and Jews on a very frequent basis.
  If Senator Diaz has indeed been the victim of hate crimes, there has been no true news of it, and it would be all over the airwaves if Diaz had been assaulted or attacked in any way. In Bryan Fischer's myopic view, democracy in action IS the crime because it's inconsistent with the hatred he spews daily. These two sore losers are angry that no matter how many people Senator Diaz could assemble in his hate rallies, even the Republicans couldn't find a constitutionally legal (ie non-Biblical) reason to deprive law-abiding citizens of their adult human right to have their unions recognized. 

  The federal Republicans, including many of the presidential frontrunners, have a long history of making public appearances alongside Fischer, sitting as a guest on his shows, and repeating his vicious talking points. And now they may wish to reconsider palling about with him in the future. Bryan Fischer is a spineless bigot who believes that only Christians are protected by the constitution, that Muslims should be deported, and that gays should be incarcerated.

  Mr. Fischer is the perfect preacher of filth during a time in which some Americans are reverting to views of the days of Jim Crow. People are poorer than they're used to and afraid for the future, and when fear strikes, some turn to old religions filled with antiquated ideas. Bryan Fischer is a Christian opportunist willing to take advantage of a frightened populace in order to further his ambitions, which include a dream for a one religion world. In any other political climate, Mr. Fischer would be considered to be a member of the lunatic fringe. It's my hope that the good people of America will wise up to the truth that the men who make fortunes peddling division are the true anti-Americans and will mark their ballots accordingly.

  If I were a Republican, I would want to run as far away from this kind of filth as quickly as possible.


  1. Fischer deliberately lies and distorts the facts. He is a poor example of a Christian.I read his stuff every day and Im utterly amazed at some of the outlandish things he says and writes. I am surprised that no one in Evangelicalism stands up and exposes Fischer for the lying hack he is. Evidently winning at any cost is all that matters.

  2. Indeed. His words and actions disturb me on the daily. He is the perfect example of a believer who refuses to evolve, but also possesses vast arrogance.
    It disturbs me more that Huckabee and others love chillin with Fisch on his weekend show.


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