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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Your Daily Awesome

5 years ago, a Seattle kid named Zack Lystedt suffered a concussion in a football game. His bell rung, he continued to play until he hit his head again. The second impact changed his life forever, rendering him nearly infantile.

Instead of chasing opposing receivers, he had to learn how to walk, eat, and sit up. Everything in the kid's life required assistance and caused him pain, which he endures still.

The boy's parents petitioned state governments to never let this happen to another kid, and many states have signed into law requirements that schoolkids be medically cleared before they can play again. even the NFL and colleges have consulted with Zack and his folks. This young man has taken tragedy and used his pain to help others.

The culmination of Zack's hard work was put on display for the world at his high school graduation last night, as he stood tall to receive his diploma.

Get your Kleenex ready.

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