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Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Gotta Be Shitting Me!

  This advert was just released by the swine minds over at the European Fur Breeders Association and it is easily the most absurd defense of animal cruelty in recent memory.

  Do watch it, because it isn't a joke. Their defense is that animals should be overjoyed about the idea of being penned and slaughtered for their parts, whether they be a tasty Porterhouse or a hideous hag coat. I'm really not shitting you here- I couldn't invent something so ridiculous.

The host of this show is a cute little polecat named Fred the Mink. It should be noted that European Minks are a native species in Britain.

  Now, I am a vegetarian, and obviously avoid consuming dead things. That being said, I'm aware of European food animal standards, and I can tell you that there sure as shit is a difference between stealing an unfertilized egg out of the grass (most British hens get to run around because people actually care about such things and they wouldn't sell many eggs) and skinning an inedible creature while it's still alive for its coat.

  Fur is a dying industry in all meanings of the word. Animals bred so ladies can look "smart" are penned and underfed. They lose their minds from confinement and are usually batshit crazy and full of every manner of infection before they die via skinning or anal electrocution. It ain't a fun party time for the little minks, chinchillas, foxes, lynxes, squirrels, and domestic cats that are murdered in absolutely grotesque ways so a rich bitch can look like a self-absorbed Parisian cunt.

  The only people who have any business wearing fur are Aboriginal people who take the animal with dignity and consume every part of their kills; traditionalists who believe in decency and would be appalled by the conditions in the abbatoirs and fur farms.

  The European Fur Breeders Association has to be a conglomerate of the most arrogant tools if they think that anyone with an iota of intelligence actually would fall for this ridiculous attempt at image boosting. My mum told me once that sometimes it's better to just shut up when you're tempted to make an ass out of yourself. You'd think someone in the PR department would have been given such advice.

 Then again, I guess it's hard to sell your product with a tagline like "30 Million Murdered Annually!", so maybe these guys should find a way to make a living that doesn't involve killing.

  A good cause : The Minnesota Wildcat Sanctuary rescues cats ranging from F1 Bengals to Tigers from tragic circumstances such as roadside zoos, canned-shoot farms, and fur hellholes and you should check them out. 

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  1. You managed to make my ADHD mind finish reading blogs on issues that aren't even big interests of mine. That really says something for your writing talent Mika! lol Another great blog!


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