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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shameless Promotion

  Obviously, you kids know that running 5 different websites takes a lot of time out of one's day, but I still have to do the daily outside grind to pay the bills.  (or pick up the phone and say 'Good Afternoon, McMaster Property Management') Anyways, being old and broken makes torching roofs and crawling through attics really suck, which is why I'm hoping one day to just do the writing thing for good. Besides, if you do what you love, writing for 57 straight hours doesn't seem like such a chore. I like what I do and would be content doing it in my rocker as an old fart or on the toilet like Jerry Garcia.

  So, some of you may have noticed the little graphic off to your right hand side. Yes, I know, they're ads, and I'll tell you about them. First, a backgrounder, though. I noticed all these folks with Google ads on their blogs and someone close to me even recommended them. However, I noticed that their 'targeted' ads didn't jive with the contents you'll usually find here. For example- this is an LGBT-friendly site and there were often ads for JONAH, Exodus, and Scientology featured. As these organizations are openly homophobic, I wasn't feeling it, so I dropped Google and went with a Canadian company. The same thing happened. Not only were the adverts insulting to my readership, but they didn't generate any funds to replace this geriatric beast that I type on. Bummer. So no ads, which is fine.

  And then I found a few companies that I liked- ones that needed their cool stuff advertised and would give me a little scratch to do it. Welcome to affiliate marketing, where I choose not only who I want to pitch, but I even pick and install the ads. If they're too loud, you can even tell me and I'll change them. Plus, I can pass on deals to you and find stuff you guys like. You buy what you would anyways, and at a discount, I make a few cents, and hopefully I'll be able to do less busting my ass and bring more of the stuff people want to read. I don't want to sound like a whiner, but researching 10 verifiable sources for each statement is a bitch when you have 512mb of RAM and only a third of it works most of the time.

  So anywho, off to who I'm whoring for today:

MMA GearCentury MMA is a company that's as old as I am. These guys not only sell the best boxing and MMA stuff out there, but they're the real-deal manufacturer of UFC and Tapout gear. Fans may recognize that the guy in the sidebar is Wanderlei Silva, but the shops not just for knucklefans. They sell great stuff for fitness boxers, karate kids, and more. Century even sells custom-made mouthguards for athletes in all sports. Even better, they offer free U.S. shipping and decent rates anywhere in the world to go with awesome everyday prices.

As a Father's Day Promo, you can get 20% off the top by entering 20FORDAD at the checkout. Pretty sweet, right?

So, if you dig the grapple, click the Century logo and save a few bucks.


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