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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Politically Incorrect Thought of the Day

  I'm reading this message board right now, and the particular topic is women who sleep with/date men but call themselves lesbians. There are all of these folks saying that we shouldn't judge them or label them bisexual or whatever. And I'm going to give you my old-school, not-so-PC thoughts on this:

  I don't care to bestow labels upon other people, but if someone calls herself gay and then goes and marries a dude for any purpose other than a green card, she isn't gay. Period. Bisexual, queer, pansexual, unidentified- absolutely, but not a lesbian. To identify as a lesbian but still sleep with cisgendered dudes is not only inaccurate but offensive to all of us who hear stupid lines from dudes like "I dated a lesbian once, what's so different about you?".

  I get why bisexual babes do this for the most part. It's because some more insecure dykes get weirded out by the idea that their lust interest has an occasional taste for peen. But the thing is that anyone worth grooving with should accept you for who you are anyways. Besides, you have just a wee few more romantic options than we do, so if someone's an asshole, you can shop around.

  Now, it's up to you whether or not you want to label yourself. Some people find them restrictive, and that's an honest option here. I am going to tell you once and for all, as an old-school butch dyke, that the vast majority of us would rather date an honest bisexual than a lying anything. Trust me- I'd rather let you go out and have your (safe) flings than come home from 14 hours at work to some hairy little hobbit impregnating you in the bed I paid for. (yes, this happened)

  The reason why bi chicks get a bad name is not because of loud-and-proud bisexual women, trust me. It is because of the weirdos who call themselves gay but have free birds. Do yourself and everyone else a favour and be honest. Yes, some lesbians don't date bisexuals. Get over it and move on to a better option..


  1. I prefer to use a scale. I say I'm 95% gay. This I feel sums up my few exceptions and explains my general lack of attraction to guys. Bisexual would imply that the 2 relationships I had w/ men were more than exceptions.

  2. See, that's accurate. That's honest.

  3. Emily is BI - doesn't freak me out one bit. It's about the person not the gender for her, but yeah... you gotta be honest cause being "gay" in any sense is not a fleeting craze in a straight person's life other than to experiment in college type years maybe. Pretty damn hard to come out as a lesbian,,, don't pretend, if you haven't done that then you are in no respect lesbian or BI, etc...I do agree that people are a percentage of gay/straight... but yeah EVERYONE has a percentage of gay even if very very small. That's a whole other story lol. Just don't use the title "gay/lesbian/Bi" unless you really know you are. Insulting if you do.

  4. Or just don't label yourself.


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