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Friday, June 3, 2011

Liquor My Liver Or Supersize Your Kids?

  I'm using the lapadoodle at my buddy's shop right now, so if I type a few extra characters, don't slay me in the comment box too severely:

  I was thinking about something, something tremendously stupid, but entirely legal.

  According to the strength of the average North American drink, I could drink 1.57 drinks per hour and be considered legally sober enough to drive under the laws of most states and provinces. Obviously, I have no intent to consume 37 or 38 drinks per day and drive.

  However, I do have an idea: what if I enjoy my usual vegetarian diet and sparkling water for a month and see what a case of beer a day does to me? Call it Liquor My Liver. I'll eat quality ffoods and drink 2 dozen brews a day. See what it does to someone who has a solid liver, good tolerance, and sound mind.

  And now you're thinking of the morality. Well, I run (recent test results relesed Jun 1) the very superior end of the verbal, written, and mathematical schedules. Wht would happen if my IQ shrunk by 10 points? I'd still be smarter than 99 percent of you.

  But, you see, I'm not going to ask Busweiser or Cornoa to sponsor such a test. It would be immoral. It would be unconscionable.  Yet, we feed our kids food that has a worse physiological and psychological effect than what I am proposing. And that is indeed a serious issue.

  So, what I am saying to fast food manufacturers is this; the challenge that I am volunteering my brain aand body for is this:

  I will do your 1 month on, one off fast food challenge. In 6 months, I will do a one on, one off alcohol challenge. Let's see which of these 2 harms my liver, circulatory system, and mind the wost, because I know both diets will cause me some harm.

  I can guarantee you, I will have worst organ, endurance, and intellectual scores by being a fast foodie than a drunk. It's appalling, horrendous, and TRUE.

  And that is what is wrong with food today.

  Would you care to test it?

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