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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Attn: England

  Some "scientists" at the King's College of London have claimed that there is no biological basis for a G-Spot . Yes , I'm serious. They did not actually examine women to check to see if they possessed one , but simply asked a bunch of English mamas if they BELIEVED they had one. From this "evidence" , they have determined that the G-Spot is a figment of the imagination , giving British men just one more excuse for being shitty in the sack.

Excuse me while I fall off of my chair.

  Now , I know for a FACT that not only do some women have one , but it is a pretty universal thing - I have one , your neighbour does , and due to a painfully awkward conversation I know that my mother does. As appealing as the idea may be , G-d did not create a special race of G-Spot possessors for the exclusive joy of a few people . It EXISTS . I am tempted to draw a map but fearful of being assasinated by a gang of British men who'd rather spend their time in the Pub than pleasing their wives. By the way , the women in the survey were all heterosexual , I might add.

No wonder why so many British women look pissed off all the time.

OK , British blokes : bring your women to the nearest lesbian and back away VERY slowly . They will be returned to you in fair-to-good condition thoroughly satisfied.

Have a nice day!


  1. another wonderfully entertaining post. I will be sharing this with H just for the enjoyment of the akward moment ;)

    Damn good thing I found me a Canadian guy ;)


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