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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Scott Moore is about to have a son . Yes , you read that right - a papa is also the mama .
I actually don't have any issue with trans people having children - after all , Scott and his husband Thomas ( they are legally married in California) already have 2 older children birthed by Tom's late wife that seem to be pretty average micro-men. They already have a big , happy family so it's pretty obvious that they make decent parents. But I do have a few things that I'd like to ponder.

The first is related to the publicity of the event. While everyone on the planet and Oprah knows that Thomas Beattie has had a couple of kids , it wasn't the first time a transman has given birth. Other dudes have gone about this quietly , out of the spotlight. Not everyone is made to be an activist and being so public about such a thing will force unwanted attention on one's children like it or not . While some children do well under the media spotlight , many do not. Children do not exist for the purpose of being a political statement , they exist to be KIDS - to live and grow and be goofy. The existing kids already have a tough go explaining their two dads without having reporters shove microphones in their faces.

But my major issue has to due with the physical well-being of a child born to someone who may have a uterus but is hormonally male. While it is true that such individuals stop taking testosterone injections during their pregnancies , the existing man-juice doesn't magically disappear . Scott Moore has been taking testosterone since he was in his mid-teens . Women who use anabolic steroids during their pregnancies have considerably higher rates of stillbirth , lung malformations , pseudohermaphrosism , and pancreatic problems in their offspring. Testosterone excesses have been definitively linked to physical and mental retardation and stillbirth. Even athsma drugs can affect birth weight negatively.
There are high-risk pregnancies and foetal development problems in nature for sure , but nobody should willingly put themself and a potential life in danger just because they can. I don't agree with it in this instance , nor do I in Quiverfull families that reproduce excessively at great danger.

Also , there are plenty of children out there in need of decent families . Trans families in California can and do adopt with some regularity . In my mind identifying as male since you were 11 years old cements you into that , and men do NOT give birth. Obviously I wish the baby all the health and happiness in the world , but dear old dad should have considered the ramifications of deciding to bring a child into a situation that the microman cannot win.

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