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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pickle Of The Week : Tessa Savicki

   There is some controversy in Massachusetts right now involving something that we all thought was a thing of the past - involuntary sterilization . Tessa Savicki claims that a Boston hospital gave her a tubal ligation after she gave birth to her ninth child without her consent . She claims to have signed up for an IUD and not the permanent solution.
   Miss Savicki started birthing kids by an assortment of men at age 14 , and while she doesn't seem to be as nutsoid as Octopussy , I have a few points to make . First , an IUD takes 5 minutes to place and a tubal ligation is usually a procedure requiring general anaesthesia - wouldn't Tessa Savicki have known that this is what she was consenting to?
Secondly , she is receiving government benefits for herself and 2 of her kids while her elderly mother raises 3 others . Does she have the right to bring more welfare babies into the world ?
Next , this is the same woman who sued and was awarded a judgment against CVS for selling her birth control that failed , so how do we know that this isn't yet another ploy to get someone else to pay for her lifestyle?

  From my position this smacks of a cash grab and an abuse of the system . It drives me absolutely batshit when people insist on burdening every form of social assistance to raise their broods. I DO have plenty of empathy for people who need help , but using and abusing a system for 21 years and not making the myriad of men accountable smacks of a con game. In the province that I was born in serial welfare moms are dissuaded by the fact that if they have subsequent children while on the system , their checks are not increased. All forms of birth control , including sterilizations are paid for . I'm not sure if this is the answer , but there has to be some kind of deterrent to people producing LITTERS of children that they have zero desire to nurture and teach a positive way of living to . It's sad - it's not the fault of the children that their mothers insist on being knocked up by every guy they meet and that their dads run for the hills.

  On the other hand there is the POSSIBILITY that a hospital fucked up and intentionally or not , deprived a woman of her freedom to reproduce. It is possible that either Tessa Savicki didn't read the consent form and/or she was lied to . Since she started popping out kids in grade 8 , she might not have known that they don't knock you out for an IUD . And there is a mandatory 30 day waiting period for sterilizations because , well women should have all of their decisions questioned.
  So this opens the can of worms. If Miss Savicki , regardless of her social standing , was indeed sterilized against her will , it is wrong. It smacks of the eugenics programs of our not-so-distant past , whereby social "undesirables" were forcibly deprived of their ability to reproduce. Back in the day many states even had laws mandating that the mentally ill , criminal , and physically disabled be sterilized and was expanded to include mixed-race persons , immigrants , and the poor. The eugenics programs are a stain on our history and this gross abuse of human beings should never be repeated.

   Whether or not this woman was altered against her will shall hopefully come out in the end . What's your take on this unusual case? Does Tessa Savicki have a case or should she just count her losses? Is she a victim or a fraud or both? Do we have a right to tell the poor what they can and cannot do with their bodies and lives?


  1. I don't believe in involuntary sterilisation, and if that's what happened, then it's wrong.

    However, if I had nine children (whether or not I was on welfare), I would not be worried about having my tenth baby, I would be worried about looking after the nine that I already have.

    If Tessa Savicki genuinely feels the need to have more children when she is not even raising all of the children she currently has, there is something more going on for her, and she needs help.

    For her kids, I don't really see how this sterilisation can be a bad thing. And at least now she won't have to worry about suing anyone over her birth control not working.

  2. that's a touchy subject but some people just should not be allowed to have kids (Tila Tequila for example)

  3. I guess it's not possible to handle these types of situations on a case-by-case basis without someone screaming discrimination, oppression, etc; but yeah, some people don't have sense enough to monitor their own behavior so perhaps it should be done for them. Sad to think that all nine of those children could grow up believing that's how it's done, and bring forth their own brood of society-burdens. Where does it end?


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