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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

California Is Not A Bowflex


Ahh-nold is a great proponent of steroids , a mediocre actor , and the governor of California . He has driven his economy further into debt and come up with some epically hairbrained ideas in the past , but this one takes the proverbial cake.
  A long supporter of privately-run for-profit prisons , Arnie wants to outsource this to Mexico in his latest plot , but seems to be forgetting a MILLION things that will get in the way of his plan.

 The major thing is this : Mexico is a free country absolutely INDEPENDENT of the United States . It is an increasingly wealthy nation with a balance of modenity and tradition and an incredibly diverse cultural makeup . Mexico has all of the usual legislative divisions and a democratically elected government . It is not the territory of the USA and never will be . As much as the movies The Governator has been in suggest that one can dictate the will of others , one cannot force their system on another nation without force. That display of force is called WAR and America is already involved in way too many of those at the moment.

   Next , the crunch is caused by a court order to reduce the prison population . Building a prison in another nation for them does not make the number of prisoners smaller . Mr. Schwarzenegger probably believes that shipping garbage to the Nevada desert makes it magically disappear . It doesn't , and neither will 20, 000 people unless he copies some of his anceestors and shoots them into a pit . Want to reduce the prison population? Get rid of the "three strikes" law . There are people in Cali right now doing LIFE for their third drug possession or petit theft conviction. SORT the prisoners and release the ones who are not a danger to anyone . TADA! Population reduced. I cannot be the only person who has this idea - I hope.

  Also , aren't Californians desperate for JOBS right now? If I'm hearing this right , Arnie wants to get rid of American corrections jobs in favour of cheap Mexican labour. How about providing incentives for companies to NOT move their operations to Mexico , allowing job creation in his troubled state? Employed people pay TAXES , and those dollars are spent locally , boosting the economy. It isn't rocket science. Arnie's rich bastard buddies who run prison corporations like GEO won't like it , but screw it. They've already become fabulously wealthy at the expense of the California taxpayer and don't deserve any more gifts from her decent citizens.

  Luckily for California's great people , this arrogant stain on humanity only has 11 more months to try and screw them further and line the pockets of his buddies. The next governor will have it tough to erase Arnie's damage and will face immense scrutiny , being forced to prove that he or she is not another dimwit voted in by a famewhoring populace. Let this be a lesson to the residents to get their butts out there and VOTE in larger numbers than ever before. Arnold got in because the poor weren't letting their voices be heard at the ballot box.



  1. When I first heard of this idea I was stunned.Just when I thought Arnold had done all the damage to Cali that he possibly could....BAM.He never ceases to come up with more hair brained shit.Hang on Cali, maybe Britney Spears will run for Gov next time.


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