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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just For Fun : The Dude

  These commercials have been flooding our screens and brains for a couple of years now , and people always want to know who the hell these dudes are. Are they a band? Where are they from? You get the idea here. 

  Well , they aren't a real band , but the "lead singer" guy is an actual human being. His name is Eric Jean Violette and he's a musician and actor from Montreal. The American versions of the ads use a dubbed voice to cover up his accent as he's a funky dude and they wanted him in the commercials. He also has a twitter under @EricViolette . He's also a 28 year old Gemini.  Hope this helps.

And for your viewing pleasure , all of the ads.

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  1. mwha hhaa ha ha ha
    where do you find this stuff ?


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