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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Public Service Announcement

  Heidi Montag was and is a fairly decent looking young woman who has a problem - she's addicted to permanently altering her body. She was never a bad looking lady . Before she hooked up with Spencer she looked a ton like Chloe Sevigny with a better fashion sense. She had a classic natural structure and had that cute girl-next-door kind of feel. But since she hooked up with Spenny she has gone from that to looking like the girl next door to a plastics factory.

This is old-school Heidi

And this is the new and not-exactly improved Heidi after a ridiculous 10+ procedures in ONE day

I spared you the gory bikini shots because I think she looks like a showpiece from the Body Worlds exhibit.
I have no idea WHAT Hollyweird and Spencer Pratt have done to this woman to make her hate herself so much. I really want to give her a hug and tell her that she's just fine and kick Spenny (who isn't exactly a perfect specimen of leading-man handsomeness) in the balls for allowing this BULLSHIT to go down. WHAT 23 year old GIRL needs botulin injections , let alone a fucking brow lift?
I mean I have dated women with augmented parts and I will tell you that fake ass cheeks do NOT do it for me - they feel a zillion times creepier than the worst fake boobs . And those lip injections don't feel right in the kiss department either . Try it - I dare you . Kiss a chick who has just got a lip job . You'll feel like you are getting face-raped by one of those weird gorillas with the loose skin.

Will somebody PLEASE stop Heidi before she turns into a transsexual version of Mickey Rourke , or worse The Bride of Wildenstein. Incidentally , Jocelyn Wildenstein looked a lot like pre-surgery Heidi in the 70's.

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