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Monday, January 25, 2010

This Bears Repeating

I am immature at times and this ad makes me HOWL so much I almost wish it was longer.

I mean , I know the concept is kind of disturbing , but...

#1 - If I was doing an ad like that , I'd split my sides . I'd be in the nut ward before a decent take was filmed. Same goes for Tampax , Lube , or most certainly , Massengill . There is quite simply NO AMOUNT of money I could be paid to keep a straight face.

#2 - If there was something not-so-kosher about MY sacred bagel , I wouldn't be grinning like a Potzevateh who just lost her rimjob virginity . In fact , I'd probably be pretty upset about the whole situation and advance token to the nearest OB-Gyn for a wee checkup . I certainly wouldn't be fuckin dancing - I'd probably be a total cunt.

#3 - Call me judgmental but if I was at a lady's Dacha and saw 27 varieties of stuff for the vijay , I might be a WEE bit put off by the whole thing . It would probably be a mood killer more monstrous than 20 nekkid Ron Jeremys . Sorry , beauties , it's the truth - it makes you seem insecure or diseased . I'm not sure which is worse , but I really don't want to find out and nobody else does either.

on that happy note ...

Have a great Day!

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