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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nearly Speechless

  The world is a scary place with scary events that test our resolve. I was not feeling too happy with the guy-in-the-Sky for reasons of the obvious reasons - we all want to know why something could occur. But whatever answer we come up with , be it the will of some vengeful G-d , tectonic plates doing the crashola , or both , we cannot ignore the very human component to environmental disasters. 
  Haiti is a country that has been in need for a very long time due to a variety of factors , and some countries like Canada and Norway , among others donate vast amounts of aid year in and year out . It gives us the HOPE that one day these resilient people will thrive . They are not some far off people - they are one of Canada's larger minority ethnic groups . If you have ever taken a taxi in Montreal , you have met a Haitian. A friend I've had since 18 is from Port-Au-Prince and if the Haitian community of Toronto is any indication , these people are pretty awesome. Canadian basketball star Samuel Dalembert is from Haiti , as are the Governor-general Michaelle Jean and track medalist Bruny Surin . The first black mayor in Canada came from Haiti as with the current mayor of Amos, Quebec , not to mention countless musicians , actors and athletes. 
  Now that you know a few awesome Haitians , what can you do to help the hurting nation that gave them to us? First off , money. It's as simple as writing a check , texting 5 bucks, or checking to see other ways to donate. Salvation Army offices are taking cash donations right now all over the place. But if you want the best bang for your buck , check out THIS WEBSITE . The organizations are all legit , AND the Canadian government will match dollar-for-dollar donations made to the groups listed. That's DOUBLE the gift , and a big win for these great and resilient people who need us today. It's one small way that we can be of assistance in an uncertain world. 

God bless all of you. Hug your kids and mums.

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  1. I follow the NBA, but I had no idea the league had a Haitian-born player. I think it’s great that Dalembert is contributing to the relief effort in Haiti after the recent earthquake there.


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