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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dickweed Du Jour

  Dickweed is an absolutely underused insult, and the award for Unsightly Penile Growth of the Week goes to Mark Prior of Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

  Seems this cat is opening a strip club next to the town library and wants to exclude African-Americans based on what they look like versus how they behave. Taking his lead from Ron Paul and a mysteriously anonymous African-American historian, Mr. Prior says that if his club is private, he is free to discriminate. And as the Buffalo Sabres discovered when future Hall of Fame goaltender Grant Fuhr (the team had several black players previously, but none were destined to have a future as professional golfers)  was not permitted to join the team's golf club, he's technically correct.

  However, Mark Prior's knowledge of a legal loophole doesn't exactly make him the brightest star in the sky either. Not only has he displayed signs that his community finds offensive, they are so grammatically tragic that nobody with an IQ above freezing will want to be seen there.

  Moreover, Abbotsford, Wisconsin is one of the whitest places in America, counting .02% of their population as African-American. I can state with some certainty that no black dude is going out of his way to go to a barn to get a handjob from some toothless jillbilly.

  Mark Prior is absolutely trying to draw attention to himself and his club, thinking he's some great civil rights kind of guy. The fact that he's willing to go to court to defend his freedom to exclude the 3 African-Americans living in his town shows volumes about how he thinks  of himself. But like other self-appointed race warriors, he simply looks like a monumental moron.

  Then again, it's a town that's permitted a strip club to be located between city hall and a public library, so none of this should be surprising.

  Oh Wisconsin, you should be so proud.

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