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Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Week In Homophobia : Bill James


   The rest of the civilized part of the nation have finally discovered the scourge that is Mecklenberg County, North Carolina County Commissioner Bill James. For those who haven't heard of the dude (yet), he's a homosex-obsessed Charlotte-area politician known for serving up diets of perversity.
  Fellow Commissioner Jennifer Roberts seemed to have forgotten Mr. James' hatred when she suggested an e-mail thank you to North Carolina Commissioners who supported the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy. Bill James went on one of his typical anti-gay tirades, calling LGBT people, among other things, "sexual predators" and painted the usual shower scene fantasy.

  This is the same guy who (last year) referred to the son of another council member as a "homo" and promoted arresting gays in a statement against granting same-sex partner benefits earlier in the year. E-mails? That's child's play. James has been sending out e-mails postulating the supposed sexual practices of gays in minute detail for years. Partner that with his bizarre AIDS theories and very questionable views of blacks and other minorities and you've got the kind of guy who usually runs unopposed. Bill James is a bully and a bigot and maybe all of you folks in Charlotte should muster up an actual opponent for this reprehensible child come next election.

  It's absolutely appalling that a moron like Bill James gets to represent anyone, that this is the kind of bozo foreigners see when they look at America. This guy is the very stain that forms the stereotype about the white, Christian male. And if Bill James doesn't speak for you, if you're sick of Bill James making you or your neighbours look like asshats, you can wander over here and petition for his censure. It might not do anything other than make you feel better, but if you think that politicians should be held accountable for their hatred post-election, you should take the 2 minutes when you can.

  Life is a lot more awesome when we speak up for the little guy.

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