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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just For Fun: 15 Sports Uniforms From Hell

  Fashion is a highly subjective thing, much like sports fandom. Everyone wants to think that their team not only plays like champs, but has the signature look to draw new fans in from everywhere.

  However, there are some great misses when it comes to design that make the world collectively wonder what the hell the designer was thinking. And when a monumental fashion failure happens it is noted in blogs like this one.

with this in mind I bring you The Most Terrifying Togs In Sports

Revenge Of The Ice-Fishing Bait

The Axe-Murdering Fisherman

You Don't Need A Court To Be A Jester

6 Designs, 1 Jersey

This Is Not A Mirage

The Pink Ladies



Look Ma! No Pants!

Black and Blue and Wrong All Over

Something's Shitty In San Diego

Later, The Padres Opted For Camouflage

The Icicle Dance (Honorable Mention to Stockton's Short Shorts)

Darkwing Disaster

Denver Doodie

(Dis) Honorable Mention Because Golf's Not A Sport

Jesus Christ What The Fuck?

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