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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hump Day Grab Bag

   The dumping ground for some of the randomness floating around my intracranial space.

 Sop For You

 The story of creation is a little over 5700 years old which conflicts with the story of soup.  There is archaeological evidence for the elixir the precedes God going back over 8000 years.
  The Cavemother's penicillin   featured hippopotamus as the primary protein in a delicious broth made of assorted animal bones.

  The English word soup was originally sop , which just means bread covered in juices.

Shooting For The Cycle

  Hitting for the cycle is a spectacular feat in baseball. It takes a combination of speed, power, and luck to hit a single, double, triple, and home run in the same contest. There have been 291 occurrences of the cycle in the last 128 years of Major League Baseball.

  The cycle is a far rarer feat in ice hockey. It involves scoring on the power play, shorthanded, via penalty shot, even strength, and one into an empty net. It can be accomplished by scoring 4 goals if one is a powerplay or shorty into an empty net.
  However, in the NHL's 93-year history, it has only been achieved once. In 1988, Pittsburgh's 6'4" beast of blasts Mario Lemieux victimized New Jersey 5 times in an unusual 8-6 victory that proved one is not always the loneliest number.

How Does My Ass Taste?

  Dogs are lauded for their superior evolutionary traits. Canines can ear high pitches that few adult humans can and have a sense of smell that is well suited to an animal that may have been required to scavenge for food. Some breeds of dogs enjoy sleeping in bitter cold and can certainly outrun your mailman. The leg-humping companion has some pretty mad skills.

  But humans have something that can make Rover look like a mouse. Homo Sapiens Sapiens has adapted an awe-inspiring sense of taste. While your Beagle has fewer than 2000 tastebuds, you probably have more than 9000. This sense is useful because humans can frequently acquire food poisoning from rotten or undercooked treats that Bingo's acid stomach is immune to. There are also a wide array of plants and insects that can kill us if ingested. These generally taste bitter or otherwise unappealing. Our sense of taste has more to do with species preservation than detecting the 24 spices in a curry.

  As for your barking buddy, his lousy sense of taste may explain why he finds cat poo so delicious.

  "I'm So Horny I Could Die"

  You've heard your promiscuous best friend say this, but could it possibly be true? If your best buddy is a female ferret, the answer is yes!

  If an unaltered female ferret goes into heat, she will have the need for peen until she is mated, regardless of whether it results in a pregnancy. Jills in estrus naturally produce high levels of estrogen which depresses bone marrow production and progressively destroys it. Estrogen also lowers white and red blood cell counts, eventually causing them to no longer be produced. This form of aplastic anemia is always fatal if left untreated.

  Should you plan on welcoming a ferret into your home, make sure she is spayed if young. Should you adopt an unaltered adult,  consider a vasectomized male for a companion. They'll get their freak on at nightime and she'll ovulate, ending the rut and not resulting in micro-ferrets. If you only want one polecat eating through the wires, she'll need veterinary visits every few months for injections to end estrus and keep her from dying a miserable death.


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