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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Media Moment

 For those of you who are on Mars and/or have kids, I'll give you a rundown.:

Tucker Carlson was filling in for Hannity on that show I don't watch often. He went on a tirade about convicted dog-killer Mike Vick's sentence. Apparently, Tucker was missing some limelight or his boxers didn't match his handkerchief or something.  Anywho, the little famewhore said that Vick should have been executed. Yes, yes, I know his white friends hunt wolves and whatnot, but they're white. So now everyone wants to either scalp Carlson or Vick.

  I hope that was a decent enough summation of today's Twit Trend annoyance.

  To a reasonably sober mind, it is Tucker Carlson racebaiting and being his normal douchenozzle self. But the thing is that somewhere, some redneck dipstick is taking it to heart. And hopefully, because killing a human being is morally wrong regardless of the rationale, he won't do anything more serious than bitch about it on MySpace. Michael Vick has served his sentence and has the freedom to be a nice guy or a jerk or either on alternating days. And Tucker Carlson also has the right to be the greatest asshole he can be within the confines of the law.

  I really hope that nobody takes the content of Tucker Carlson's questionable use of free speech seriously. I want to believe that some loner in a trailer outside Philly won't turn into a fucktard and go Aryan Nation on Mike Vick. In addition I hope that Vick fans forget Tucker Carlson and he crawls back into his pit of irrelevance and stops making animal-welfare activists look mentally deficient.

  That is all.

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