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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Song In My Head For The Girls

  It's hard to improve on a classic, which is why many cover tunes fall flat. They sound disingenuous, almost karaoke-like, offering less of a tribute to the artist and more of an insult.

  Occasionally, a track is given it's due when remade. The artists that reproduce an original effectively are monumentally talented in their own right, crafting self-written and produced gems that stand alongside any piece penned by another in merit. For this reason and more, when Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, or Joe Cocker reworked a song, we paid attention.

  Such is also the case with English musical genius Siouxie Sioux. The veteran of a 35-year career, she's been instrumental in not only changing the way women are viewed in rock, but modern music as a whole. In this Beatles cover, Robert Smith of The Cure is on guitar but Siouxie and that massive melodic vocal weapon of hers are centre-stage. While she'll continue to record and perform memorable, mesmerizing aural delights, let's go back to 1983 and enjoy the trip that is Dear Prudence.

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