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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year In Review

  I have written hundreds of entries in a great year on the blog, but without readers this would simply be empty space. Here are the posts that for one reason or another hit high notes with my awesome bunch this year.

Top 10 Posts Overall in 2010

10. Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work December 9, 2009 

9. You Know This Is Wrong July 26, 2010

8. If You Are Weak-Stomached November 16, 2009

7. 7 Internet Abbreviations That Make You Seem Goofy July 5, 2010

6. Free Lindsay July 27, 2010

5. Urban Legend? The Tapeworm Diet March 31, 2010

4. The 411 On Hangovers July 4, 2010

3. What Can You Do Today? November 30, 2010

2. What Can You Do Today? November 4, 2010

And #1 (Drumroll please) The Heterosexual Questionnaire October 11, 2010

The day with the most hits : February 4, 2010 ; most popular post: The War Over Vaccines 

Top Causes You can Still Help With

1. What Can You Do Today?: Rizana Nafeek November 4, 2010

2. My Little Gay History Lesson September 29, 2010

3. Help The Roofer Lose Her Head For Charity November 16, 2010

4. What Can You Do Today? : Dylan Smith November 20, 2010

5. What Can You Do Today?: Congolese War Victims August 24, 2010

6. World Toilet Day Is For Real November 19, 2010

Now here comes the part where YOU come in, or moreso than usual. The Readers Choice. Was there something this year from the blog that you absolutely loved? or hated? Tell me and this space will be filled.

I'll start with something that I wrote that few people read that I dug. it's called Soylent Feed. Enjoy!

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