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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yo, Mullethead!

  On October 22nd, I posted about Dog The Fame Whore's response to Randy and Evi Quaid hiding out in Canada. In typical orangehead fashion, he stated that he wanted to bully his way into a sovereign country to capture the pair of mentally ill serial squatters.

  Today, on Twitland, the felon-turned-fried egg said that he's coming to get the Quaids again, mentioning his pursuit of psychopathic rapist Andrew Luster. This time he pleaded with Canadian Border Services to give him the address of the Quaid's safehouse.

  What Dog and his rotund mate remain oblivious to is the fact that as criminals, they cannot come into Canada without permission of a judge, and none is going to grant them the right to invade a nation and leave with 2 people not consenting to the deal. Canada, as an industrialized nation has a very specific extradition treaty with the United States, and sorry if the case of a couple of non-violent offenders' cases don't make the top of the urgency list.

  And this brings me to another point. Comparing a pair of strange homeless people to an evil blight on humanity not only is an overstatement, but a grotesque insult to those viciously attacked by Luster. While I'm sure that the folks whose house the Quaids lived in feel somewhat violated, even they wouldn't compare the two. It's like comparing the intellect of Dog or any of his numerous offspring to that of Isaac Newton or Louis Pasteur. It's absolutely absurd and everybody in Canada who possesses more than 3 teeth recognizes this fact.

  So come on in and try to convince the RCMP that your gang of Village Idiots to give you the whereabouts of two braindead border jumpers. No pair of ear plugs will be able to drown out the resounding laughter heard around Vancouver. Maybe they'll turn your asses in to the SPCA to be spayed or neutered and for a rabies quarantine.

  I seriously hope this human paintbrush tries this stunt and gets smacked against a wall.

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