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Thursday, December 9, 2010

March Of The No-Wins

  Gentle readers, I know most of you have been around long enough to know that I have expressed a great deal of concern for my fellow beings, there are few things that cause me to become so enraged that I struggle with forming coherent sentences. And this morning, I'm pissed off in full.

  I have written many times about theocratic preacherboys. From Canadian neo-nazis to Ugandan death sentences, there is a hate group for every nation and philosophy. Last week I questioned the tax-exempt status of hatemonger Steven Anderson and the week before detailed religious cleansing in Africa  . Mentioned in the past on more than one occasion has been the Westboro Baptist Church, a menagerie of meanness run by Fred Phelps and many of his brainwashed kin. I generally ignore this collection of intellectual castrati as well as similar Evangelical zombie pits, but it's what Phelps does outside of his cult that has me fired up.

  Fred Phelps finds entertainment in organizing protests at the funerals of people he's never met. He does this because he believes himself a prophet and genuinely enjoys inflicting emotional distress on others. His favourite targets are fallen soldiers, murder victims, and religious practitioners. He's stooped so low as to protest at funerals of children who have died of AIDS and victims of domestic terrorists. And his latest target is the late Elizabeth Edwards, set to be memorialized this coming Saturday.

  That's right- these famewhoring beasts are going to North Carolina to torment the children of a woman who died of cancer. I hope the Patriot motorcycle group shows up, but what I really wish for is for something like this to occur. Thousands of people getting together in a counterprotest large enough to keep Phelps' army of idiots from crapping on the grave of someone who lived and died with dignity.

  While I believe this will be a non-violent event, I know a lot of people who live in North Carolina who are seriously sick of this fuckwit. This may very well be Westboro's last protest.

  We can only hope.

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