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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On This Day

  Two years ago today was George Bush's last vacation paid by Halliburton diplomatic trip to Iraq. Covering the incident was esteemed young journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, famous at the time for offering uncensored coverage of the US-Iraq war and sectarian violence that had resulted in him being kidnapped and arrested by both US and Iraqi factions. And on this fateful day in 2008, their paths crossed in a moment that epitomized the emotions of an occupied nation.

  While George Bush joked about the incident to the media, Mr. Zaidi was arrested and tortured, eventually spending 9 months in prison and suffering permanent injuries. The shoe has become a symbol of protest and Mr. Zaidi has become a famous news correspondent and humanitarian, setting up foundations to build hospitals and orphanages. It is fitting that a man whose name means "one who progresses and makes others progress" is now one of the most powerful Arabic-language journalists on the planet.

  As for Bush, he continues to laugh all the way to the bank while attempting to duck War Crimes accusations.

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