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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Revenge

Fair use of artistic content is a battle waged in our high-tech age. Things like Tumblr and 4chan make it very easy to post someone's work without giving due credit. One of the more widely accepted methods of using someone's work is to provide credit where it is due.

 Cartoonist Zach Weiner created this comic purely for entertainment, but the folks at the National Organization for Marriage construed it as an anti-gay work and took it for their Saturday Morning column.

  Miffed that NOM had misappropriated his comic to send a message he did not intend, he decided to exact a little interweb revenge. Zach and his brother got their nerd on and changed the image to this:

  NOM eventually caught on to Zach's trickery, but by the time they did, the prank had driven enough hits to crash NOM's website.

  While some say that things that occur on the internet do not have an effect on the outcome of day-to-day events, I believe they are wrong. Zach Weiner may have started out wanting revenge on a hate group that stole his art, but well over 100, 000 people received a much-needed message.

Hats off to Zach Weiner for keeping it classy. Never underestimate the power of a single positive action.

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