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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Long And Winding Blog : The Glenn Beck Edition

Naturally, since Debbie Schlussel and all of the other extreme folks out there had their fun with Lara Logan's trauma, Glenn Beck had to make sure he wasn't left out.  Today he got on Fox to declare Egypt as part of his weird world conspiracy with Ms. Logan as a representative.

Normally, one would think the gent has genuine concern for women, but this is Glenn Beck. He's a man who said he wouldn't run for office with Sarah Palin because he wouldn't "play second fiddle to a chick". He's publicly mocked a woman who had a recent miscarriage. He's an atomic douchenozzle.

The thing about Glenn Beck is I know he's not an accurate representation of those on the right, but a lot of people don't. They take the likes of Beck and Schlussel at their word and don't go searching for a conservative alternative- it's extremism or becoming an evil libertard. In reality, Beck is as much of a representation of conservatives and Mormons; Schlussel an example of Jews and women as those men in the incident in question are representatives of Egyptians. In all instances, the aberrant has become the type du jour; the one who inflames the most makes the most noise.

And it's sad really, true journalism and intelligent op-ed becoming replaced by schadenfreude and inverted facts. The newsmaker of most regard has become the one who is most divisive and least inventive. We have propaganda under different titles, from left and right, conservative and liberal. And then we have what is real.

Never be afraid to investigate, process, and opine. If you expect everyone to adore you for speaking the truth, you may become dispondent. Criticism is part of the game and if everyone blindly agrees with you, you are absolutely doing something wrong. If you don't seek out alternate views, you are seeing the world through a voluntarily myopic eye. To be right, you have to be unafraid of being wrong; for the chance never taken is a 100% failure.

Be Well.

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