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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hate By Any Other Name : Nir Rosen

  My activity of late has been sparse, but I have been asked my opinion on something, and I shall try my best to answer fully.
  The question asked is whether or not I have an opinion on Nir Rosen. And even though I haven't accessed media much recently, I most certainly have an opinion, or rather several on Mr. Rosen.

  Nir Rosen's comments on Lara Logan were sickening. He launched a blatantly cruel and sexist attack to further his bizarre ideas.Throw in his homophobia sneak on Anderson Cooper and you have oodles of fun for everyone. It's almost to be expected from the left's version of Glenn Beck.

  Nir Rosen has spent his adult life opposing everything about Western governmental systems yet cries about the lack of democracy in other nations. He claims to advocate for peace yet supports Hizbullah and  the Taliban. He is an Israeli Jew that hates himself and the place his mother was born so much that he thinks Tel Aviv and Jerusalem should be bombed. When he resigned from NYU, he also stated that the Ancient Greeks missed a few Maccabees, whilst seeming to forget they were his direct ancestors.

All in all, Nir Rosen's cowardly comments are typical of a man who thinks himself a legend, a man who admits that it's only his definition of enemies and friends that truly matters. He's more than happy to use his Jewishness to score an article or other advantage, but assaults his background when it becomes a detriment. Nir Rosen is a self-absorbed man who is only happy making money off of other people's wars whilst claiming to be a peace advocate.

It's folks like him that cast a very dark stain  on the left; for he won't be happy if Egypt transitions peacefully to democracy- they've gotta blow the shit out of Israel and American military installations too. Nir Rosen is just as bad as the people he preaches against, and maybe worse, for there are still people out there who listen to his words.

Extremism and hatred are the same regardless of the political stripes of the individual preaching them. If Debbie Schlussel is a most self-loathing neo-Conservative woman, then Nir Rosen is a most self-loathing Israeli-American Jew. Nir Rosen accuses people of being misogynists, homophobes,racists,  and war-mongers when he is all of those things and more.

His mother must be proud.

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