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Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Of Love?

Today is Valentine's Day; a day for love and chocolate, flowers and silliness. And, if you're a kid in America, you may have heard of the Day of Purity counter-protest.

Popularized by singing stars and lauded by parents' groups the Day of Purity seeks pledges of sexual abstinence from students, hoping that all sexual activity will occur within the confines of a heterosexual Christ-centred marriage. And with kids getting in all sorts of trouble, it would certainly be good if they concentrated more on school and less on chasing tail, but all is not what it seems. You see, the Day of Purity is a pet project of hate group the Liberty Council.

The Liberty Council is a group that espouses the most radical tenets of the far right. The lobbying group is powerful and well-funded, stepping in to fund legal challenges to gay rights legislation, union-busting, and a ton of other things. You may not know the Liberty Council by name, but if you've been alive in North America in the last 20 years, you have seen their work. They are the minds behind the scenes in the battles to force schools to teach creationism as a science and laws banning same-sex marriage.

 The Liberty Council is behind many anti-choice demonstrations and tea parties, the lawyer-fronted group being the socially-acceptable version of the Phelps clan. Like so many others, the group has a deck of Pray for a Liberal trading cards and runs Jesus camps and promotes the idea that one can pray away the gay. The Liberty University School of Law is designed to train future attorneys to challenge anything that interferes with Christianity and patriarchy.

Hundreds of schools are participating in something that financially benefits a divisive hate group. Instead of offering kids hope, it teaches them to be sanctimonious and hurtful. If your kid's school is among the many promoting this Liberty Council front group, I encourage you to tell others about the most inappropriately-named group and why your kids will not be participating.

Be well.

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