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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Head On

 I'm not rich, and I'm not famous. I never made it to the pros or even college as an athlete. But through a combination of playing sports, gaybashings, and sheer freak accidents I have had concussions. A lot of them. I've been knocked unconscious numerous times and had my bell rung tons more.

And people are starting to talk about brain injuries and how they can affect your daily life.  Eric Lindros was a different guy the three times I met him. And that's what concussions do- they change a rambunctious kid into a driven but paranoid man into a lost child again. They take talent and squash it and as much as Eric will never be on the ice again, he's still a smart guy who can't get out of his skull. Eric Lindros was and is a nice guy who found the brunt end of the game he loved so much.

It's a bizarre feeling to have a brain full of thoughts and unable to verbalize them, to become frustrated with speech. Luckily, I have my blog and spellcheck and time to make the inside spark become outward genius, because without it, I am that awkward person with a light that isn't fully on.

I am absolutely indebted to the fine folks who have decided that their brains should be donated to science after they die. With research, people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in the future will know a better life. And if you've had a traumatic brain injury, please consider adding your name to the brain and spinal cord database after you die. You can't take your tissues with you and you might save a future kid's life. Go here to do so or for more information 

The Eric Lindros concussion video is not available at anymore, but can be seen here at nanonline

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