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Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Weekly Beck

  Glenn Beck was on his soapbox today warning people about the evil groups behind a youth summit when he almost let his real motives slip.

See, Glenn here is all freaked out that he doesn't know everything about groups that include a couple that rescue former child soldiers. And because he doesn't know what they're about, you are to be afraid of them. Then the rant gets creepier than usual. Beck incessantly attacks other media outlets and Google as fronts for the typical New World Order. He blabs his conspiracy theory about media control, which is naturally a borrowed theory. Who was is borrowed from? The Nazis. Names like George Soros and Google represent what Mr. Beck sees as evil, that being the Jews.

Since Beck likes predictions, I give him 2 months before he utters something about The Jews on-air and has a nervous breakdown.

This dude is the idiot no village wants.

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