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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Putting The Nut In Nutella

 Nutella has been around for a long time. Very popular in Europe and Canada, Ferrero's iconic bread spread has been marketed recently in the United States. But, according to a lawsuit, their tactics are sneaky. 

  Lawyers for Athena Hohenberg filed suit in California claiming that Nutella's advertising is misleading because it shows Nutella to be a part of a balanced breakfast, along with multigrain bread and fresh fruit. In addition, the lawyers find it disturbing that the children in the ads were healthy and happy. The mother believes Ferrero is deliberately misleading people by calling their product nutritious, when it contains refined sugar and fat. Naturally, the demand is for restitution of all monies made by Ferrero USA from Nutella. 

  Now, I have a few issues with this lawsuit, and hear me out. I have a jar of Nutella sitting on my desk because I have very active nephews who can burn off the immense amount of calories the spread contains, which are listed on an enormous Nutrition Facts label. The nutrient profile covers over a third of the total label area, you aren't going to miss it. 
  In addition to stating that 19 grams of the spread contains 6 grams of fat and 11 grams of sugar, it also states that Nutella is a source of vitamin E. And what is below? The ingredients panel- the first three listed being sugar, palm oil, and hazelnuts. 

  So, I don't see what's evasive about Ferrero marketing an energy spread to athletic children. The reason why the kids in the ads are usually playing some sport is because it was originally sold to soccer-playing kids in Southern Europe. It doesn't have a fantastic nutritional profile, but it's better than some products directly marketed to athletes. It's also marketed as part of a balanced breakfast, much like that sugar-sweetened cereal. Not instead of a balanced meal, part of it. 

  Next thing you know, parents are going to sue Kellogg's because a bird doesn't fly out of the Fruit Loops box when opened. 


  1. :o i like nutella

  2. People. read the label. conflict resolved ;)

  3. mmmmmmmmmm netella


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