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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Check In

  What you, my readers want dictates the manner that this blog goes forward. I do post my thoughts and info you need to be sure, but how I do it is entirely up to you guys.

  And one thing that has been brought up is advertising. I posted ads because companies wanted them there to plant a seed. But the thing is, they mess with the way the blog looks and most of the time I make like $7 a month. And I figure that messing with a good thing isn't worth that. So I'm suspending use of advertising from outside networks like ExpoMax and Google. I'll continue to post those for TorahForAll and BlogPRWire, because I host them for free anyways.

  In the mean time I'll try to keep this up and running and keep firing suggestions. But as for ads, I'll only do them on an up-close and personal basis, so if you're part of a rapid ad network, it's a no-go. My readers are too important to compromise the integrity of the blog.

  If you have any queries or comments on how I can improve this blog, comment below or email me (the address is in the legal mumojumbo at the bottom)


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