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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out Of Left Field

   American Family Association director Bryan Fischer is known for making blatantly bigoted statements, and this week's shocker is just that.

  Everyone who pays attention to human rights knows that Bryan Fischer is one of the most vicious homophobes who grace the airwaves and print. The Moral Liberal editor's rants against the gay have become somewhat legendary, but this week's hate-filled diatribe takes the manure cake. In this article, Mr. Fischer asserts the idea that Native Americans deserved to have their land stolen because their superstitions are not in line with Christian teachings.

Here's an excerpt:

In all the discussions about the European settlement of the New World, one feature has been conspicuously absent: the role that the superstition, savagery and sexual immorality of native Americans played in making them morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil.

He continues to draw parallels between Aboriginal spirituality and barbarism throughout the article, stating that America is rightfully Christian because of the immorality of Indigenous peoples. According to Mr. Fischer, First Nations peoples are suffering today because of their respect for the Earth and refusal to convert to Christianity.

Many of the tribal reservations today remain mired in poverty and alcoholism because many native Americans continue to cling to the darkness of indigenous superstition instead of coming into the light of Christianity and assimilating into Christian culture.

In addition, Mr. Fischer states discontent with a Chief  conducting memorial services for victims of the Tucson shooter because he doesn't understand the Mother Earth philosophy. And naturally, if you don't understand something, it is inherently evil.

  Arguments such as those posed by Mr. Fischer are certainly not new.  Assimilation was the very reason for the abuses conducted in residential schools and the theft of land. The genocide of entire tribes occurred because traders gave smallpox-tainted blankets to locals. Wives and children were stolen from tribes and indoctrinated into a culture that sees them as moral inferiors. The refusal to accept a man-made god over respect for the Earth was and is the reason for the poverty of reserves today, but it's only because Christian conquistadors refused to truly love their neighbours and let them be.

  Bryan Fischer has laid his card on the table, proving once and for all that the Christian left can be just as dangerous as the right. Racism is at the heart of Mr. Fischer's views on the world; he is a modern spiritual warrior that will stop at nothing until everyone shares his narrow view of the world and her diverse population.  What was once dismissed as antiquated racism is alive and well in America today, and it is very well funded. As a member of the Algonquin First Nation, I am thoroughly appalled at the extent of racism and misunderstanding in Bryan Fischer's reprehensible thesis. As a member of the human community, I truly fear for us because people like Mr. Fischer count themselves members of our tribe.

  "They came with a Bible and their religion, stole our land, crushed our spirit, and now they tell us we should be thankful to the Lord for being saved." - Chief Pontiac (1718-1769)

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  1. I feel really sorry for this Brian guy. He's obviously a closet gay guy lusting after the Native American bod - & not the curvy ones.


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