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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Media Moment : Do You Know Your Enemy?

  According to self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs, Egyptians aren't standing up against authoritarianism. The fine folks of North Africa aren't at all pissed-off about horrendous inflation, unemployment, and government-sanctioned torture. The good people of Egypt are possessed by Satan, the Muslim ones at least.

  So what do we do about this coming Islamic revolution? We are to fast and pray and cry to the heavens for their mortal souls in the name of Jesus!

  Zoom to 4:55 when Cindy Jacobs states the true purpose for all this praying. The Body of Christ cares about the price of oil and about unobstructed access to the man-made Suez Canal. He also wants America to stage a Christian revolution to take over 22 Muslim states.

  There are a lot of people in the west who believe that what Cindy Jacobs and people like her preach is the true word of some omnipotent being. And while we look at other nations in their religious conflicts, we must take care not to ignore the war at home. These charlatans are for real, and they've got a ton of money backing them. And because they use familiar words like Christ and quote scripture, they seem harmless enough. Make no mistake- these people are for real and they're after your rights and my rights and everyone's rights until this is a patriarchal Christian continent.

  As funny as these people seem to you, they aren't joking. Cindy Jacobs and Pat Robertson and all of the others support Israel because they believe the world's coming to an end in a few years and all of the Jews will hand their country over to 144, 000 chosen Christians. These people are intellectual terrorists who have romantic visions of holy wars where the Christians always win.

  So when you discover that your kid's school no longer teaches evolution or your kid brings home a note saying that your partner is no longer considered a guardian, you know where to look. God warriors will always have their eye on you. Make sure you never take your eyes off of them.


  1. who's to say that your imaginary friend is any better than theirs?


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