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Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Thought

 This gentleman was born with female anatomy. In order to be permitted the operation to remove his breasts, he had to undergo quite an ordeal. He had to change his name, live publicly as a man for several years, and consult with several physicians and psychiatric personnel before granted license to become legally male. And he's happy with the results.

  The woman below had 10 cosmetic procedures in one day and over a dozen in total. She almost died the day she had 10 unneeded operations due to incompetence. She was not questioned as to why she wanted to do this to herself. 

We live in a twisted society.


  1. No sympathy for people who do medically uneccesary plastic surgery for looks, very sympatheticc to those who are stuck in a stituation as noted above :reality is that hermaphrodites exist, as well as people who just kinda came out quite not matching their bodies .

  2. Some doctor, somewhere must have been sued for performing surgery on someone who changed their mind...

    Get this as nuts: A woman can go get an abortion anytime and for any reason (as is her right), but a man has to get his wife's permission to get a vasectomy.


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