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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holding Sarah Palin Liable For Misappropriating Blood Libel

  I hopped online tonight and swore that I had woken up on a different planet, or at least a more terrifying one. There were people sending tweets and texts about blood libels and Sarah Palin and I thought the worst. For those of you who haven't Googled it, the most infamous blood libel related to Jews sacrificing Christian infants and mixing their blood into Passover matzah. So naturally, I thought that Mrs. Palin had gone off the deep end and said that Jews were kidnapping and butchering her children.

As it turns out, she released a long and winding video was supposed to convey her feelings on the Arizona shootings but mainly delved into her delusions of persecution. In her yarn, she didn't detail the victims, but went on about American exceptionalism. She went on about Reagan and sole responsibility for criminality. Her speech was a self-centred defense of critique of  politicians and dislike of the pundits that read like a typical Palin rant. And then she uttered this phrase "But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible." She also went on to speak about turning to God and prayer. Should you wish to listen, here is her statement.

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

That's right, kids- she's likening criticism of the violent imagery used by Teajadists to the idealogical basis for the Holocaust. Many of us never got to meet relatives taken in the most horrendous of mass-murders. It's an insult to their memory to misappropriate a term that brings back visions of SS  henchmen and piled bodies merely to make a political point. In a speech where she condemns others for using offensive language, she utilizes a most painful metaphor. It is my hope that Mrs. Palin does not know the origins of the term she uses so cavalierly,; that her appreciation for Catholicism and utterance of something utilized by Catholics to commit genocide is an ignorant coincidence. However, rightist speakers like Glenn Reynolds have been tossing this incendiary term about with little regard to its seriousness. And this must stop.

There cannot be polite discourse when someone's words are so carelessly chosen as the ones used by Mrs. Palin today. When your words conjure the ghosts of those killed in unimaginable genocides, it's certainly time to fire your speech writer. Mrs. Palin's speech was an offense to those murdered this weekend as well as those long gone. Instead of being a call to peace, it inspired outward rage.

Sarah Palin quit politics when she ran out on Alaska before her time was up. She chickened out on the democracy she claims to hold so dear. We must stop looking to those who do not truly value their democracy for guidance. We must stop regarding  Second Amendment preachers as political hopefuls, but inciters of violent treason. Sarah Palin gave up politics to become an entertainer and we should regard her as nothing greater than Snooki or any of the Toddler Moms on TLC. Sarah Palin prays to the same God that many do- one of self-love and fortune. Her failure to research the words she uses states that she doesn't care about the content of her message as long as she gets to fire in a Reagan quote and yell God bless America. And many of you will step up to defend the indefensible because Sarah Palin is your Tea Party heroine, but ask yourself why. 

Sarah Palin doesn't care about you the plumber, she cares about her the star. Nothing that she says or does is authentic. Sarah Palin exists to make money for herself, for her family, and for the Tea Party. She recycles manufactured dissent for a living and doesn't care enough about your grandparents or mine enough to choose her own words wisely. Today's speech could have done some good, but instead of fostering brotherhood it became about Sarah seeking pity and those left of insanity retching in revulsion. If Sarah Palin's absolute narcissism wasn't evident before, it most certainly is today.

As much credence is given to Palin's speeches, the fact remains that Sarah Palin quit on America. And now it's time to quit her.

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  1. It's beyond time to quit her. I can't help but think she's just a character that was implemented by the powers that be into the unfolding saga of the United States of Ridiculous for comic relief to see just how deluded the population actually is. Now that it's apparent that the majority of Americans are imbeciles, it will be even easier to continue to mentally, physically, and financially enslave us.

    I have no patience for people who have the narcissistic personality disorder and turn everything into something about themselves. She'll never take responsibility nor own up; just ramble about bullshit and completely disregard the issues at hand. I can't even watch the video; I have very little respect for politicians, and I digress.


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