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Monday, February 1, 2010

Celebrate Something

  Tila Tequila has decided that she is too good for Twitter and has exited. I wasn't paying attention closely as I do have a life , but it was some time between the most bizarre tweet ever and me logging in this afternoon.  Anywho , last night I read something that was on my TweetDeck at a fairly random time (OK , I was sending a cheesy-ass message to my girl . Shhhh.....) and out plops this weird one : 

"I am the Virgin Mary , and my child will be born Jesus Christ. I am the Second coming ...God told me so." 

Because I actually check into what I put in my blog , I found out that that cracky message was her last before the POOF! stunt. I can only PRAY that her Twitter went  kablooie because some management/interventionist type told her to stop being a wingnut. Hopefully , somebody gets this HO into some sort of stable mental health facility. Alternately , maybe G-d itself was so offended that it shut the bitch. 

Either way , I'm just glad to see that my timeline won't be filled with my sadistic friends' retweets of this "woman"'s weirdness. 

Good riddance , dipshit.

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