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Friday, February 26, 2010

...Or is THIS Wrong?

  The Pushman for USA Bobsled #3 is Bill Schuffenhauer and he is open about having a bad lot in life . He grew up poor and his mum is a drug addict. He quit his job and left town to pursue his dream, leaving his partner to support the family, and they have publicly struggled financially. They lost their house and car.  At the last second a sponsor picked up the tab and sent his wife and kid up to Vancouver to offer support to the athlete. 
 One would think that this would produce gratitude from Bill , but the effect wasn't what one would expect. Bill Schuffenhauer was arrested for asserting some unkind authority over his wife. The RCMP plans to charge him with Assault and Uttering Death Threats. 
  The USOC is not only permitting this guy to remain on their team , but singing his praises, telling the hard-luck-life story to all who will listen. 
   I for one think this is BULLSHIT. Bill Schuffenhauer is a 220 pound man whose wife supported his selfish ass so he could play toboggan . He talks so openly about HIS sacrifices without mentioning that his wife and kid wound up in the poorhouse to do it. And then he assaults his old lady with his child present. THAT is child abuse .
  Now , the USOC sent home a snowboarder for having too much fun with his medal , but they are sticking up for this dude? The USOC rep was quoted in reference to the arrest as saying "this is the kind of thing that blows over fairly quickly".
It is NEVER okay for a man , let alone a 100-kilo athlete , to abuse a woman  It's not a "thing" , it's violence. 
Nice example assholes.

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  1. Hmmm. makes me wonder how many women abusers there are on the USOC or who Bill is fucking on the USOC Hmmmm?!


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